About Me

Hi, my name is Richenda but people call me Roo.

I live on the coast of North Devon, in a cosy little flat with a stunning (often stormy) sea view. I share this wonderful space with my beautiful daughter, my tiny terrier dog and a very fluffy cat.

I’m a trained Holistic Therapist and a member of FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists). I believe that our minds, experiences, judgements, the condition of our body, how we choose to nourish it and how often we exercise, are all interconnected to our over-all health and well-being.

Recently, yoga and meditation has found it’s way into my life and accelerated my already practiced ideas on mindfulness and a healthy diet.

I unquestionably love to eat, especially in the company of my dearest. And there’s nothing I like more than sitting down with a slab of cake and a nice cuppa – I’m pretty sure it nourishes the soul!

So with my interest in food, in particular the sweet variety and health, I began experimenting with the intention of making delicious cakes that little bit ‘healthier’ for you…because I’m not prepared to give up the sweeter things in life!

I created this little blog, so I could share my recipes, my love of tea and my thoughts on yoga and holistic health.

So put the kettle on, pull up your chair and join me at the table.